Shipboard Incident Management

The new Shipboard Incident Management Module provides an innovative way to train watchstanders and damage control team members utilizing 3D interactive simulation software. This new RescueSim module can improve the reaction and knowledge of damage control members thereby making actual drills much more effective.

Shipboard watchstanders and damage control members and naval station rescue, fire, and emergency response personnel have unique environments and emergencies to which they must be prepared to respond.  This includes shipboard fires and security issues during these emergencies.  They also must seamlessly integrate into the Incident Command System organizations within the local surrounding civilian community during on-board fires in ports.

RescueSim Shipboard Incident Management module includes different port types & objects, allowing for complex incidents like on-board & shore fires. Incidents involve the ships’ leadership and key team members, port authorities, and shore personnel.

For Whom?

  • Naval Commanders
  • Damage Control team members
  • Navy personnel
  • Navy & Coast guard shipboard personnel


  • Navy Frigate (Interior & Exterior)
  • Open Ocean
  • Port area & waterways


Other modules

Industrial Incident Management

Incidents focusing on industrial sites, including tank fires, liquid spillage, gas releases, rimseal fires, on-site collisions, etc.

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Port Incident Management

Incidents taking place in port & harbour environments, including on-board fires, vessel collisions, container incidents, liquid spills, gas spillages,  etc.

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Offshore Incident Management

Specialised offshore incidents, including oil rig incidents & fires, search & rescue operations, evacuation exercises, etc.

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