Offshore Incident Management

Offshore Incident Management focuses on incidents taking place offshore. These incidents can take place on different types of vessels, as well as on board of oil rig platforms. The module contains many offshore specific objects. By creating an incident in the 3D offshore setting, scenarios can be created that are close to real-life experiences. By placing different vessels and complete oil rig configurations, a realistic and believable offshore training environment is created. In this offshore environment incidents can be created for incident response training, ranging from small scale on-site or on-vessel accidents to large scale disasters, including oil rig fires.

Watch the RescueSim Offshore Incident Management video.


For Whom?

  • Port authorities
  • Coast guards
  • Offshore Safety officers
  • Vessel commanders
  • Company incident command teams (dealing with offshore)


  • Offshore ocean setting
  • Natural Gas Platform
  • Oil Rigs
  • Support & cargo vessels
  • Coastal areas

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