Port Incident Management

Port Incident Management focuses on incidents in which vessels and port authorities are involved. The 3D environment contains various ports and port specific objects. By placing the various vessels, warehouses and other objects in the environment, the port will be vivid and full of possible incident sites.

This module includes incidents like on-board fires, shore fires, on-water spillage and environmental incidents situated near the waterways. The different incidents involve the vessel commanders, port authorities and shore personnel. Complex incidents need to be resolved.

Port Incident Management contributes to smoother handling when it comes to clean and safe waterways in port areas.


For Whom?

  • Port authorities
  • Port safety officers
  • Fire departments (dealing with port authorities)
  • Vessel commanders
  • Company incident command teams (dealing with busy waterways)


  • Industrial port area & waterways
  • Tank storage terminals
  • Vessels & engine room
  • Marina
  • Residential area

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