Mechelen F&R Service using RescueSim for incident response training

Date posted: 10-05-2012

During a large scale teambuilding session on March 24th 2012, the Mechelen F&R Service and other emergency response services within the safety region of Rivierenland (Belgium) used the virtual RescueSim platform for their incident response training.

The virtual incident training in Mechelen was organized by FireFlash, a provider of professional training for emergency responders. RescueSim is simulation software that allows emergency services to train their response and communications strategy for any thinkable incident in a safe virtual environment.  Virtual training is a useful tool to learn and train the difficulties that occur during a crisis.  Using virtual training an adequate response strategy for these incidents can be developed and trained.

The Mechelen F&R Service is one of the most advanced F&R services in Flanders, employing 85 professional firefighters divided over 2 companies, each with three teams. The training was part of a team building session between different fire brigades of the safety region and allowed corps members and executives within this fire department participating together in a virtual incident.

Through RescueSim, essential elements of the emergency and incident response can be trained, including the conceptualization, planning, decision making and communication with both internal and external emergency services. The virtual training was followed by an evaluation in which the applied response strategy was addressed and strategy improvements were discussed. It was the first time the Mechelen F&R service actively used virtual training and its key advantages. Thanks to the successful training, an additional 3 virtual training sessions with RescueSim were ordered for the entire company and all senior officers.

For more information about RescueSim visit or contact  Hans ten Bergen, RescueSim Sales Manager on or  +31-102014520, or contact Chuck van Hesteren, Training Manager Fireflash on or  +31-610904839

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