Successful RescueSim gold command training for the Shropshire Fire & Rescue Services

Date posted: 14-12-2011

Rotterdam/Shropshire, December 14th 2011 – The Shropshire Fire & Rescue Services (UK) held a successful incident management training using the RescueSim virtual emergency response platform at the state-of-the-art training facility of the Cheshire F&R service.

The training received by the Shropshire F&R service was on the level of gold command. Gold command is one of the highest levels of command which involves senior members of the fire service. The participants included the Shropshire F&R Chief Fire officer, Deputy Chief Fire Officer and Assistant Chief Fire Officers as well as the Area Managers to co-ordinate the event and the chair of the Fire Authority within Shropshire. Also present were members of the Cheshire F&R training centre to assist in organizing the event.

John Redmond, Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service: “We found that the interface of  the RescueSim system incorporates a level of realism that allowed us to fully test our plans and, as the scenario developed, it included the flexibility to respond to changes as decisions are made."

The virtual incident management training at the Cheshire training facility was originally intended as a one off training for the Shropshire F&R Service, but as they found the training so useful, they have decided to do a gold command exercise every year.

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RescueSim Emergency Response Trainingis single and multi agency training software that prepares safety and security professionals for real-life incidents and allows them to experience and train incidents in a safe virtual 3D environment.RescueSim includes specialised modules for Fire & Rescue services, as well as Industrial, Port, Airport, Underground and Offshore Incident Management.

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