VSTEP and ATRISc partners to develop, sell and use RescueSim in France

Date posted: 22-09-2011

ATRISc Innovation, partner of the University of Corte, the Corsica Emergency Services (SDIS) and Lubritem, has signed a partnership with VSTEP to develop, sell and also use RescueSim for consulting assignments and customers. Using RescueSim ATRISc will virtually train its customers for incidents in a realistic way.

ATRISc offers training on human factors and decision making by using the most innovative tools available. By immersing yourself in the 3D world of a virtual reality platform, ATRISc allows you to identify the essentials of decision making and improves the reliability of your teams during complex emergencies.   

Recent news

12-06-2014 | Dutch Unified Fire Department increases its RescueSim virtual incident training capacity

A new RescueSim simulator, increasing training capacity for incident training was installed at the Dutch Unified Fire Department.

20-05-2014 | Toledo Fire Department purchases incident response training simulator

To further enhance its training courses and allow in-depth  training for any thinkable incident, the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department has purchased and implemented the RescueSim virtual incident command training platform. The agreement follows an extended testing period of the simulator throughout Q1 2014.

18-03-2014 | Mid and West Wales Fire Service select RescueSim for virtual incident response training

Following an official tender for delivery and implementation of a virtual incident command training platform, the Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Service (MWWFRS) has selected RescueSim as platform of choice.