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03-10-2013 | Rotterdam Police showing EyeObserve & Crowd Control Trainer at National Police Innovation Day

Next to RescueSim, VSTEP creates other virtual training solutions which are often used by customers separately or in combination with RescueSim modules. During the Dutch Police Innovation day, the Rotterdam Police, one of our customers, was invited to show the innovative virtual training solutions they use in a series of workshops. These workshops featured the  EyeObserve simulator for the training of surveillance camera operators and the Crowd Control Trainer, used for training crowd management and incidents.

26-09-2013 | BP using RescueSim virtual training to enhance incident preparedness at Sullom Voe Terminal

BP’s Sullom Voe terminal on the Shetland Islands is one of the world’s first terminals to adopt virtual training in their quarterly training program. Virtual training enables the terminal’s Emergency Response Shifts (ERS) to safely train and prepare all aspects of possible incidents at the site, in order to increase preparedness in case of a real incident. BP uses the virtual incident management simulator RescueSim for this purpose.

29-08-2013 | Attunda Fire & Rescue Service chooses RescueSim for advanced incident training

The Attunda Fire & Rescue Service has chosen RescueSim for its incident management and emergency response training. The Attunda F&R Service is the latest customer in Sweden to be using the RescueSim Virtual Incident Training Platform for enhanced training of its personnel.

01-07-2013 | Three French Departments select RescueSim for emergency response training and disaster management

VSTEP and its French partner ATRISc announce that the Fire and Rescue Services of the French departments Drôme (26), Ardèche (07) and Loire (42) have selected RescueSim as the virtual training solution for their incident management training and preparation.

13-06-2013 | European emergency services professionals gathering at successful RescueSim User Conference 2013

The European RescueSim User Conference 2013 which took place at the World Port Centre in Rotterdam on June 12th, saw a large attendance of RescueSim users from around Europe engaging in animated group discussions, best practice presentations and interactive workshops.

30-05-2013 | RescueSim used for major tunnel disaster exercise in the Heinenoordtunnel in Rotterdam

From Wednesday night until Thursday morning May 30th 2013, the Heinenoordtunnel in Rotterdam was completely closed for all traffic in both directions, due to a major disaster exercise. This exercise was one of the largest ever held in the Heinenoordtunnel and included the use of the RescueSim virtual incident management simulator. 

08-05-2013 | RescueSim interfacing with VBS2 for civil-military and antiterrorism training

During a training session organized by the Safety Region Rotterdam Rijnmond and  VSTEP, RescueSim’s new HLA compliancy and VBS2 interoperability was put into operation, showcasing civil-military and antiterrorism training possibilities. The pilot session focused on a hijack scenario, in which the participants of the Dutch military and civil emergency services were to identify threats and cope with terrorists on board a ship.

02-05-2013 | RescueSim introduces next generation Head Mounted Display for full immersion virtual incident management training

VSTEP is proud to announce that its RescueSim virtual incident management training platform is to be fully compatible with the next generation Oculus Rift Head Mounted Displays, making full immersion 3D virtual training possible for its users and opening up new training possibilities for emergency services. 

08-04-2013 | RescueSim shows new HLA capability in joint UAV training simulation

At the Kooy Symposium 2013, Delft Dynamics, specialised in building unmanned helicopters, presented their Universal Simulation Platform for Unmanned Systems (USPvOS). Using this platform, groundstations from unmanned systems can be linked directly to RescueSim using High Level Architecture (HLA), thereby allowing virtual training of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators.

25-03-2013 | RescueSim featured at the "Day of the Safety Region" and "Virtual Fires Kongress"

VSTEP and its partners will be demonstrating the best practices and added training of RescueSim at the upcoming "Day of the Safety Region" in The Hague and at the Virtual Fires Kongress in Sankt Georgen, Germany.

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