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18-11-2011 | VSTEP and GAIST demonstrating RescueSim Virtual Emergency Response Trainer at the Emergency Services Show 2011.

On 23-24 November 2011, VSTEP and UK partner GAIST will be demonstrating the RescueSim Emergency Response Trainer during the Emergency Services Show 2011 in Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, UK.

02-11-2011 | Disaster Management and response in the Netherlands - RescueSim featured in Ambulance Today

Ambulance Today Magazine posted an extensive article about the Dutch Emergency Response Services featuring RescueSim.

27-10-2011 | Municipality of Chengdu (China) selects RescueSim to prepare its emergency services

At an official signing ceremony at the Chengdu City Hall in China, the Municipality of Chengdu and VSTEP signed a Letter of Intent to build an extensive emergency response training system using the RescueSim virtual training platform. The agreement follows a successful 18 month feasibility study by the Chengdu Office of Emergency Management and VSTEP and its partners.

14-10-2011 | VSTEP launches forest & heath land fire training for RescueSim

Training & Simulation developer VSTEP has developed a new  ‘Forest & heath land fire’ module for its virtual emergency training platform RescueSim. This new module allows emergency services to create and train specific forest and nature fire incidents.

06-10-2011 | VSTEP launches virtual training environment for earthquake disasters

In cooperation with the Chengdu Municipality, VSTEP introduces a new earthquake disaster training environment for RescueSim. The new environment allows emergency response professionals to prepare and operate effectively after earthquakes.

22-09-2011 | VSTEP and ATRISc partners to develop, sell and use RescueSim in France

Formal partnership deal signed. ATRISc to use RescueSim for extensive virtual training with its partners and customers in France.

19-09-2011 | VSTEP and the Department of Saône et Loire emergency services showcasing RescueSim emergency response simulator at the 118e congrès national des sapeurs-pompiers

Together with the Saône et Loire emergency services, who are actively using RescueSim in France, VSTEP will demonstrate different incident scenarios and virtual training scenarios possible within RescueSim and effectively being used for training of emergency services in France.

16-09-2011 | RescueSim used in large-scale incident exercise for Barendrecht municipality

RescueSim was used as a valuable support and preparation tool during a large scale incident exercise in the Barendrecht Municipality.

14-09-2011 | Department of Saône et Loire emergency services using RescueSim for emergency response training and disaster management.

Following its successful entry into France, VSTEP announces that the Fire Department and emergency services of the Saône et Loire have selected RescueSim as a pilot project for their incident management training and preparation.

29-06-2011 | New RescueSim version introduces advanced features for incident training

VSTEP is proud to announce that a new version of  its RescueSim virtual incident training platform is now available for customers, featuring many new & advanced features.

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